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Mary Olivo Graphic and Web Design Services

Providing all your digital marketing needs!

  • Graphic Design

    Whether it is building a brand from the ground up or driving multi-channel exposure, I can help. First impressions happen in seconds, and it is crucial to communicate uniqueness, credibility and expertise within an inspirational experience. I create powerful and effective graphic solutions for your business that visually unite your marketing channels under a single brand voice, and get you noticed, remembered, and talked about.

    Marketing Collateral

    If you want to make an impact on your target audience, powerful graphics and marketing collateral are a must. These vehicles tell your story, reinforce your branding and differentiate you from competitors. Using images, video, graphs, icons, copy and more, I tie these elements together into a cohesive brand voice.

    • Printed material: Posters, flyers, postcards, brochures, manuals, business cards, letterhead etc.
    • Packaging
    • Hang tags
    • Signage and POP displays
    • Billboards
    • T-shirts and branded merchandise
    • Media Kits / Press Kits
    • Book covers
  • Logo Design

    Your logo is the most important graphic element you will ever have created for your business. It is the sole piece of art that communicates and represents your business and/or service and it is the crux of your branding. Every design piece created for your business will (and should) stem from your identity. The process includes:

    1. Gather objectives, project details and background information about your company, products and services.
    2. Establish your target audience and evaluate industry trends.
    3. Identify your competitors. What are your competitors strength and weaknesses?
    4. Recognize your strengths and capitalize on them.
    5. Recognize your weakness and how to strengthen them.

    These questions and many others arise and are answered before sitting down to the drawing board and creating your identity to powerfully position you in the marketplace.

    Important things to consider for your logo:

    • It should be distinctive and readable at 1-1.5 inches
    • It should translate nicely in black and white
    • You should always have a solid base 2D version to print consistently in ALL applications e.g. materials and enlargements.

    There are five principles to follow. An effective logo is:

    • Simple
    • Memorable
    • Timeless
    • Versatile
    • Appropriate
  • Web Design

    Planning a website is more than just mapping out elements. It includes business strategy, competitive analysis and market research. It requires knowledge of design and user experience best practices as well as navigation and customer flow. Customers should never have to spend more than a split second to get information or know where to go, and should be encouraged to discover and engage with your site. My experience in this type of holistic web design allows me to present your site in an impactful way that is optimized not only for customer browsing behavior but search engines as well.

    Content Management Systems

    Joomla and WordPress are my preferred Content Management Systems (CMS) for most projects. They are both very robust open source CMS options that can be updated easily. Websites need to have flexibility to grow and change with your business needs and these are practical and affordable solutions. They also both offer powerful expandability using extensions, plugins and components all of which are customizable to meet most web needs.

    Responsive Design

    Whether your audience uses a smart phone, tablet or desktop, your website needs to accommodate the user experience across all devices, while minimizing time to interaction.

    • Marketing strategies
    • Competitive analysis
    • Social media marketing
    • Web design, development and maintenance
    • Practical, affordable and easily executable SEO solutions

  • Video Production

    Video on the web has been a growing medium for a long time and has exploded in recent years especially in conjunction with social media efforts. If you want to make the most impact with your digital marketing plan, video is essential. There are countless ways to use video to promote your product or services, with different needs depending on the business. I possess end to end video production and marketing experience.

    • Video promos
    • Intros and short spots
    • Script writing
    • Art and model direction
    • Editing post production
    • Electronic music production
    • DVD and web delivery